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Choosing the Perfect Front Door

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A front door is not just an entrance into your home; it can also be the focal point of the entire property. While maintaining the style, your new door should be practical and durable. There are many types of entrance doors to select from such as steel, wooden, fiberglass, uPVC and composite doors. It is important to take into consideration the styles, designs, materials, colours and sizes before making a purchase.

As well as the above factors, the weight, durability, insulation, finishing and the price of your ideal door must be taken into account. Always check the quality of the lock on the door to prevent burglaries. Lots of homeowners nowadays prefer choosing uPVC and composite types of front doors over wooden ones. Here are some of the main benefits of these materials:

upvc doors

uPVC doors pose greater insulation benefits when compared to traditional wooden ones. The energy-efficient materials that are used in their construction means the insulation materials can keep the cold out and the heat in. As traditional wooden designs are made with solid wood, they cannot be insulated.

uPVC lasts much longer than wood regardless of the weather conditions. This material is waterproof, which will prevent damp from entering the house, and there is no need to varnish it every year. Due to its life expectancy, you will not need to replace your exterior door every few years.

One other major advantage of installing uPVC door is the cost. Because this material is machine-molded, there is minimum craftsmanship for its production. This means that you get a solid and stylish door without paying a lot of money for it.

composite doors

If you want a more secure entrance for your home, opt for composite doors. These designs are manufactured in a way to repel crimes in the neighbourhood by putting off burglars from entering your home. This is because the manufacturer has made them unbreakable by using high-grade materials. So if you want to add a modern twist to your property, why not consider a composite door with a stylish glass design. This way, you are not only making a genuine statement, but you are also revitalising your home.

Another popular option is glass panelling. When this is inserted correctly, it can drastically change the look of the entranceway. If you add sidelights, the front entry door becomes a work of art that is functional and appealing. You can choose clear or tinted glass panels. The benefit of tinted ones is that they completely block the light; however they can be a safety issue with regards to burglaries and vandalism.

When it comes to choosing the most suitable door that fits the opening, try not to compromise functionality over style. Another tip is not to be put off by a little upkeep. You won’t have to do it often and your door will certainly last longer.

Having a set budget is important; however don’t be tempted with cheaper options as they may prove costly in the future. Select a colour that shows-off the personality of your house. There are many manufacturers that offer handcrafted designs so spend your money wisely and shop around. Materials such as uPVC and steel tend to come alive with handcrafted designs. You can even choose wrought iron hinges to be added across the front door. To add more style, opt for doorknockers as inexpensive accessories for your door. These ideas will make the door look unique and they are not expensive either.


Here at WindowWorx, we offer an impressive range of front doors, all of which are guaranteed to enhance your home’s safety, security and aesthetic appeal. So for a door that will both protect your property and make a stunning design statement, contact the specialists at WindowWorx today!

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