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How to Design a Stunning Conservatory

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Deciding whether to get a conservatory is only the first of many decisions. You must choose the location, although most homes have only one option, and you must also consider size, materials, style and layout as well as being aware of drainage issues and planning permission. Until you sit down and consider it, you may not realise what a wide range of conservatories is available.


An important aspect of designing a conservatory is the function of the new space; if you plan to use the conservatory as an office, you may want it to be further away from your family’s living area to cut down on noise. On the other hand, if you will be using it as a dining-room you should consider how accessible it is from the kitchen. One option is to engage the services of a company who offer bespoke conservatories, allowing you to choose your own design but with the benefit of having expert advice to call on when necessary.

Most aspects of your conservatory design will be determined by the planned function of the room. You should think about what furniture will be in the space when you decide on size, if you are planning on spending large amounts of time in the room and it will be in direct sunlight, you should consider whether you will have a fully glass roof. There may be restrictions on what style of conservatory you can add to your house based on the age and form of the buildings in the area and what, if any, other conservatories are nearby. An error that people sometimes make is to complete their installation, only to realise when they undertake the interior design, that they could have made their life easier and their conservatory more suitable if they had only considered the interior beforehand.

There are many options when it comes to interior design, again, based on what the room is to be used for; what is appropriate for a kitchen is still appropriate for a conservatory kitchen. The most basic aspect of design that affects the space is the choice of colour; you can bring garden hues into the area to create a transition from outdoor to indoor or you can use an accent from the house interior to, as it were, define the space as being unequivocally part of the building.

Style and placement of furniture can have a great influence on the ‘feel’ of a room and the designers who create bespoke conservatories can help with building design suggestions if they know what furniture will be in there. By planning ahead you can avoid the awful feeling of picturing your perfect space, applying colour and features to complement an item and then finding it simply doesn’t fit where you wanted to put it, or worse still, won’t fit through the doorway.

There are many kinds of blinds available for conservatories, some which completely protect the interior from being seen from outside and others that offer varying degrees of cover. The colour and materials of these blinds vary greatly so that you can choose the most appropriate for your needs. If you are planning a playroom, you might want a combination of full-cover, bright blinds in a wipe-clean fabric, but if it is to be a dining-room, you would be free to choose something elegant and delicate, to impress your dinner guests.

No matter what your requirements, it is always good to have expert advice and designers are happy to give it because, the bottom line is, they want you to be happy with your conservatory.

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Here at WindowWorx we specialise in the installation of high quality, stunning conservatories. No matter what your individual specifications, tastes and budget, we will have the perfect conservatory for you amongst our collection and also offer bespoke conservatories tailored to your precise needs. So for more information, and to arrange a consultation at your convenience, get in touch with the professionals at WindowWorx today.

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