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What is the Green Deal Double Glazing Grant?

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The Geen Deal Initiative

The Green Deal is a UK government policy launched by the Department of Energy and Climate Change on October 1st, 2012. The Green Deal covers forty-five different improvements and is a novel concept in UK law, where the loan transfers with the property, instead of the property owner, and is repaid through energy bills. This means that new tenants or owners are responsible for the debt incurred for home improvements. Among the energy saving and money saving improvements that the Green Deal offers are insulation services, such a double glazed windows.

Double glazing is also known as insulated glazing or double pane glazing. Double glazed windows have two glass window panes, which are separated by a space – known as a spacer – made of typically durable metal or fibre. Sometimes, the spacer will be filled with air or a non-toxic gas (often argon) to reduce heat transfer. The window is then sealed at the bottom of the spacer, where the window is attached to the window frame, and where the window frame is attached to the window sill on the interior and exterior of the window.

energy rated double glazing

There are many benefits to double glazing, including its insulation properties which will save you money on your next energy bill. An average of 18 – 20% of heat loss in the winter is due to homes with standard windows and doors. The outer window will keep the cold air out and the inner window will keep the pane closer to room temperature for added comfort. In the summer, the outer window will absorb most of the heat by the sun, and the double glazed system will keep the air conditioning in and the hot air out. Double glazed windows will insulate your home more efficiently; saving you money on energy costs associated with heating and air conditioning your home.

Not only do these windows save you money all year round, they also can be beneficial in their noise reduction and increased security properties. With two panes of glass ranging from three to ten millimetres in diameter, it controls noise from the external environment allowing you to enjoy your home in peace and quiet. Especially beneficial if you live on a busy street, double glazed windows will help keep out the noise for optimum comfort. Also, if you tend to have lots of guests or frequently play loud music, these windows will also ensure fewer noise complaints from neighbours! Your home is your space and by getting double glazing windows you can ensure that you can relax in your own home without interruption. Increased security is another advantage to double glazing your windows, as the windows are sealed much more tightly, which makes them harder to pry open and they are harder to break with impact than single pane windows.

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