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Winter is coming: cut bills with a well-insulated double glazed home

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Over the past few weeks we have all noticed the days getting darker and the temperatures starting to plummet, giving us a not too subtle sign that winter is well and truly on its way. As the colder months creep in, we will probably notice our homes getting colder too and, once the extra blankets have been exhausted and can no longer suffice in keeping you warm, we will all finally give in and reach for the thermostat.

However, there are other ways to help keep your home warm and cosy throughout the winter – which don’t necessarily involve cranking up the heating. The most obvious solution is to make sure your property is well-insulated and this can be achieved through adding loft or cavity wall insulation. Another option, and perhaps the quickest, most popular and most cost effective option, is to invest in double glazing. Not only do double glazed windows and doors offer a host of aesthetic benefits, but they also provide fantastic levels of insulation and can significantly lower your energy bills.

How does this work?

double glazed windows

Double glazing, in contrast to single glazing, uses two sheets of glass with a small space in between them. The space is usually 16mm wide and is filled with a gas, such as argon, xenon or krypton. The space between the individual panes of glass traps air which then slows down the transfer of heat. This means less heat can be lost through your windows, retaining the heat within your property and helping to keep it warm.

Not only does this allow you to use your central heating system less, as the natural heat inside of your home is kept in, but it also means you can use it at a lower heat or for a shorter period of time during the particularly cold months.

How much money will you save?

According to both Which? and the Energy Saving Trust, if you replaced all of the single glazed windows in a three bedroom house with double glazed ones, you could expect to save an impressive £170 per year on your heating bills. This is likely to make a huge difference to the running of your home, making both you and your wallet a lot happier throughout the winter.

In addition, as the average lifespan of double glazing is 20 years, this means you’re looking at an incredible total saving of roughly £3400 – well exceeding the installation costs and leaving you with much more affordable energy bills.

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