Your door is one of the stand-out features of your home or commercial property and is often one of the first things people notice about it.

It is therefore crucial that it is aesthetically pleasing whilst also matching the exterior of your property.

Our range of aluminium doors are suitable for all types of residential and commercial applications and come in strong and attractive profiles.

We offer the complete range of aluminium doors including bifolding, sliding and patio, all designed for strength and durability whilst remaining practical and aesthetically elegant to look at.


With energy bills rising, thermal efficiency remains a priority when making home improvements. Loss of heat from inefficient doors plays a major part in the comfort or usability of your home and can result in high energy costs.

All our aluminium doors deliver performance and are tested to the highest standards to guarantee reliability that requires minimal maintenance to deliver performance over a lifetime of use.

Whatever your individual requirements, our extensive range of options ensures there is something perfect for every specification, and our team of experts can provide you with specialist knowledge and assistance when choosing your aluminium door.